Monday, September 17, 2007

When Good Pluto Goes Bad

Check this out...

Pluto Fight

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Clearly, the kid has done something to seriously piss-off Pluto.

The probably-pimpled-teen in the costume is moving at full throttle-- WAY too fast to be moving safely in that dense of a crowd. Imagine the premium Disney would be paying if Pluto had mowed-over an innocent bystander.

For some who might be thinking this is an act, I say, this is no act. Chasing a kid doesn't make for good theatre. Except on Halloween. When the brats are tee-peeing your front yard.

No matter how badly a kid acts towards a character, there's no justifying this sort of reaction. Face it: giant mice and upright walking dogs are role models for our kids. Resorting to physical intimidation isn't the way you solve a problem. Especially if you're a big, furry dog.

You wonder what would have happened if the enraged Pluto actually collared the kid? How traumatic would it have been for some of the smaller kids to have witnessed an enraged Pluto doing a beat-down on the scamp?