Thursday, June 26, 2008

Matt Kemp: The Dodger's Goodwill Ambassador

A Hollywood Thoughts sighting in Hollywood...

Matt Kemp, the promising young Dodger outfielder, was spotted paying his bill at the local Roscoe's Chicken eatery (with his model-beautiful) girlfriend, when he was approached by a group of 'tweener baseball fans for a chance at an autograph and a snapshot.

Kemp was immediately approachable and posed for pictures and signed for every kid gathered around him.

In a world where most celebs would opt to tip one back, we give a tip of the cap to Kemp.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Disneyland's House of the Future: Shoulda Been Sponsored By The Aaron Brothers 1c Frame Sale!

In a word, here's my review of the new Innoventions House of Tomorrow:


What a disappointment.

I wrote back in February that I felt the "house" should have been a freestanding structure-- like its 1960's precursor. Constructing a "house" inside the existing "Innoventions" exhibit hall (basically, a stripped-down trade fair for new Disney-themed video games) is simply not magical... or fun. With it's movie-set fake walls, there's no real way for an individual to allow their imagination to believe they are in a real 'house of the future' (at least not in the way you could with the park's original version).

Today's HOTF feels more like you're on the floor of some cut-rate house decoration convention.

Where's tomorrow's microwave oven or videophones??!!?? Sadly, there is VERY LITTLE in the way of blue-skying tomorrow's techno-advancements. Most of what is seen are tiny increments of existing hardware (as in: you'll see this in stores by Christmastime).

And what about those picture frames??!!??

Honestly-- is this the best piece of technology the Imagineers could muster? It must be, as the joint is OVERFLOWING with digital picture frames!

How close to the bottom of the technology barrel are you scraping when you decide to feature gadgets that can be bought for $19.99 at your local Rite Aid??!!?? Aaron Brothers Art Mart missed a great opportunity to sponsor this, ahem, attraction.

Day One, and it's already the 'House of 2001.'

Aside from the smart refrigerator (and the recipe-on-the-kitchen-countertop), there 'aint much future packed into this joint's fake walls.

The HOTF is a GREAT idea-- it's just that this version needs more time on the drawing boards.