Sunday, August 27, 2006

Disneyland's New Pirates of the Caribbean Ride

The recent addition of the 'Johnny Depp pirate' to the classic Pirates of the Caribbean attraction has opened a Pandora's box of problems that the Imagineers were apparently unable to see.

Our complete review tomorrow morning...

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

One 'Mo On L-Lo

One last Lohan posting...

Hollywood Thoughts has now had two face-to-face run-in's with the young actress. Both times we offered a cheerful greeting... and were met with a couple of scowls.

Hmmm. Diva with nasty manners... or did we simply manage to catch the tardy thespian with weighty matters on her mind? No matter. We're just reporting the facts.

Hollywood Thought's
encounters took place last week, but we didn't feel compelled to report them until yesterday's Tom Cruise 'dismissal' from Paramount for his poor public performance.

The thought of the day seems to be that there's a breeze of refreshing honesty blowing through town, and it's carrying this message:

If you are a highly paid celeb in this day of shrinking markets, tightened budgets, and cutbacks, you need to throttle back on the boorish behavior. Your raised visability might give you a platform in front of the camera, but behind it sits a guy that's busy signing -- or ripping-up -- the paychecks.

It seems that this month James Robinson, Sumner Redstone and a certain sugar-titted Sheriff in Malibu are getting the final cut.

Welllll, OK... at least until they need Mel, Tom or Lindsay for their next Mel-Tom-Or-Lindsay-would-be-perfect-for-this-can't-miss project.

Last-last Lohan Thought: Hollywood Thoughts has asked several of the Georgia Rule crew if the set is operating in a timely manner since the super-scary-skinny Lohan received "The Letter," and the best response we've heard so far is, "If we start an hour behind, that's considered on time."

Way to get the crew behind you, L-Lo.

Monday, August 07, 2006

"Everybody Smile!"

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Tinkled Pink

Hollywood Thoughts has come across a few shots that are purported to be of singer, Pink, ummm... ah... taking care of business in a parking lot.

I really hesitated when it came to publishing these shots for a number of reasons:

1). I've met Pink. She's a neighbor, and she puts-on one heck of a cool Halloween display for the kids. Why embarrass someone from the 'hood?

2). I can't be certain this is, in fact, Pink.


There is no "#3."

In this case, literally, only a #1.

Sooo, I leave it to all of you to decide what purpose it serves -- if any -- to post these shots (or delete them).

Is there any value to knowing that celebs -- just like us -- can get caught whilst in the middle of what surely must have been a desperate moment (Please, God, don't let me discover this is a regular activity for Pink and her roadies)?

Maybe these shots can serve as a sort of cautionary tale (For the Tinkler: "Don't pee in public-- you might get caught." OR, for the casual parking lot stroller: "Watch where you step; ya never know when some chick might have peed where you're walking.").

One interesting observation that's been noted by other habitual P.L.P'ers (Parking Lot Pee'ers): Pink is employing the popular "Two Door Outdoor Commode" technique. Apparently by opening two doors on the same side of a car, the P.L.P'er is creating a sort of "mo-bile stall" in an effort to secure some sort of privacy. In this instance, Pink's efforts to create a temporary "modesty shield" was thwarted by a hidden paparazzi... but I'm told that the P.L.P. crowd gives the Philadelphia native points "for trying."

While this may not be as shocking as Mel Gibson's recent anti-semitic remarks, it surely makes Lohan's late-night karaoke routine look downright vanilla.

Cast your vote...

Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Onion Is Coming! The Onion Is Coming!

There, before my eyes, a giant onion had sprouted where only yesterday a blank patch of pavement had existed.

Near the corner of Sunset & Gower an empty newspaper rack sits. No papers yet-- only a green paint job and the simple logo of 'America's Finest News Source.'

A visit to the Onion's website gives no indication of any forthcoming printed versions of the web favorite, but we can hope.


Seems that maybe -- just maybe -- Lindsey's days of lollygagging on nasty couches surrounded by walls of driftwood are behind her... and that she's refocused her energies from karaoke (the dehydrating and exhaustion-making variety) to on-time filmmaking (BTW: Did L.L.'s team actually think this was a hot look? We can't help but think the couch was dusty, smelly and, ahem, soiled. Definitely not hot.).

Hollywood Thoughts noted yesterday that Ms. Lohan's black Mercedes-Benz Brabus E V-12 BiTurbo (price tag of anywhere between $170,000 - $355,000usd) was parked next to the dressing rooms. Further, Ms. Lohan was spotted by members of the Hollywood Thoughts team while she was wearing slippers (golden-hued and spun from silk. Or rayon. What do I know? I'm a GUY) and shaking-out her locks in the make-up trailer late yesterday afternoon.

As of 9:00am today, no Benz was spotted (and the doors to the stage were, once again, wide open). HOWEVER, the crew -- for the first time in a long time -- actually looked busy. No milling around, or teamsters lazing on the loading dock with a breakfast burrito. Everyone looked like they were actually engaged in making a movie.

Sources inform Hollywood Thoughts that this is a "...big day" for Ms. Lohan.

Can L.L. be lurking somewhere on the lot...? We'll keep an open eye for you.


BTW: The LA Times reported on Tuesday that Lohan was on-set Monday morning. It would seem that they took their report directly from some publicists pap.

The doors to the stage, as Hollywood Thoughts reported, were wide-open all day long. I don't think it takes an expert's opinion to say that filming is quite impossible (unless you like air traffic and sirens added to your soundtrack) if the stage doors remain open. We'd also posit that an entire crew wouldn't be paid to 'hang-out' if, say, rehearsals were being held in some production office on the lot. No Lohan on Monday is our verdict.