Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Who Needs "Dancing With The Stars"?

Here's a little something from our friends at You Tube.

I don't know about you, but all of us at Hollywood Thoughts are getting a wee bit bored by Mario, Jerry and Emmitt over at DWTS-- and this seems to be the perfect tonic.

Hooray for Bollywood! Enjoy.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Future Of Historic Columbia Square

Hollywood Thoughts recieved some interesting feedback regarding our story on the future of the historic Columbia Square property at the corner of Sunset and Gower (current home of KCBS and KCAL).

First, councilman Eric Garcetti, states his position on the fates of the CBS and Palladium buildings... and the rumors of their imminent demise:

"I can assure you that is neither the plan for the folks that just bought CBS (while their plan is not set, they know that they cannot tear down CBS and are willing to work within that requirement), nor are these two properties tied together. I have insisted that the Palladium, CBS buildings, and Nickelodeon sites all remain with any new construction done around them and everyone seems to be clear working within these parameters. I know the gossip meters have been talking about these buildings getting torn down every few months in the five years since I have been in office, but the residential and more importantly office/production spaces are in high demand in Hollywood right now, so I believe we are in good shape."

Then, from Brian Lewis of Marathon Communications-- a representative of Columbia Square's new owners, Molasky Pacific:

"...I just wanted to set you straight on what’s really being considered for that site. There are absolutely no plans to raze the facility. In fact, the centerpiece of the development being contemplated for the site is the renovation of historic Columbia Square. Details of the plan will be finalized soon, but rest assured they will include the reuse of Columbia Square. We are currently working with community stakeholders to refine that plan, which we hope to announce early next year."

Hollywood Thoughts hopes they'll carve-out space for live theatre instead of simply adding another Jamba Juice to the 'hood. Maybe a cool, independent bookseller? How about a small radio studio -- visible from the street -- as a nod to the building's origins?

We'll be watching... and hoping.

Christmas In October


The giant, electric light Christmas tree has risen atop the Hollywood Capitol Records building.

Why?!? WHY?!? W-H-Y?!?

Look, we all know retailers start celebrating Valentine's Day on New Year's... Halloween crap now hits the shelf the same week the kids head back to school... but Christmas while everyone's still making plans on where to trick-or-treat???

I know that it's silly for me to hope that we can return to the days where all the Christmas goo-gaws don't get placed in the store windows until Thanksgiving, but, c'mon... give us a break.

By-the-way, in the spirit of giving (or would it be monkey-see-monkey-do?), the Hollywood Rite Aid at Sunset and Gower officially unveiled their ceramic "Miniature Christmas Town" collection this afternoon. Get yourself a tiny house... stable... or toy store for $14.99. Or show some restraint and hold-out 'til the traditional day-after-Thanksgiving-Christmas- doo-dad price drop.

Check it out. On Aisle Three.


Update: The Christmas tree was aglow on Wednesday evening (10/18), but off last night (Thurs., 10/19). This begs the question: did we witness a lighting test???

Monday, October 16, 2006

The New CBS Parking Lot

A prominent on-air news personality has told Hollywood Thoughts that the old CBS Columbia Square facility at Sunset and Gower will most likely be razed, and then rebuilt as a parking lot structure for the upcoming Palladium redevelopment project.

According to the National Trust's website, the Los Angeles Conservancy is, "...working with city officials to find a new purpose for Columbia Square. The good news is that since the building is classified as a historic resource for a Hollywood redevelopment plan, it can't be demolished without an environmental-impact review conducted first.

Situated on the former site of Los Angeles' very first movie studio, Nestor Film Company, the William Lescaze-designed structure already had a past when it was built in 1938. The pilot for "I Love Lucy" was filmed in the eight-studio facility and James Dean ushered there."

Yeah, well... we know how those environmental-impact studies go.

Milton Bradley's New Game

From the wonderful L.A. Observed website, a post about Milton Bradley-- the troubled and anger-prone former L.A. Dodger outfielder:

"They love Milton Bradley in Oakland. He had a
much more enjoyable time with the A's this year
than he ever did alongside Jeff Kent in the
Dodgers clubhouse. Dodger fans would probably be
surprised to learn that after the A's playoff
loss to the Tigers this weekend, San Francisco
columnist Bruce Jenkins singled
out Bradley as Oakland's leader in guts and
clubhouse class..."

Here is a part of the Chronicle's article on the new & improved Milton Bradley:

"One of baseball's toughest men was moved
to tears. Sitting at his locker, a towel draped
over his head, Milton Bradley had been crying.
His eyes were blood-red as he finally turned to
face the media. He handled a most difficult
interview session the way he handled the
American League Championship Series -- intensely,
professionally, without fear.

As much as he tried, Frank Thomas could
not carry Oakland through this series. In a
sea of futility, on a team coming to life
only in the final, desperate moments, Bradley
took the responsibility upon himself.
Along the way, he became more of a man. He
found his most pleasurable experiences, by
far, in a baseball uniform. To have all that,
and to have given his best in defeat, moved
the man to tears....

"I just feel I was made for this,"
Bradley said through those reddened eyes.
"The pressure. Giving it all you have. It
was such a great ride. Most fun I've
ever had in baseball. Best team I've ever
been with. Maybe someday I'll smile, and be
happy, over having
played well. Right now, it hurts."

L.A. Observed finishes their post by saying:

"The Dodgers should be kicking themselves
for not finding a way to help Bradley take
this step forward here in his hometown."

If memory serves correct, Hollywood Thoughts recalls that the Dodgers DID send Mr. Bradley to anger management courses. While L.A. Observed is probably suggesting that the Dodger organization might have been better served by not giving-up on Bradley so soon, it raises a bigger question:

Since when is it a ball club's responsibility to help form, rehab and/or makeover a player's personality?

That's the job of the man himself. Parents, family, friends, loved ones and influential teachers can have a hand in shaping a person during their formative years... but his employer???

C'mon. Let's get real.

If you or I have too many sick days for a stupid head cold, the boss is probably calling H.R. to arrange the "exit" paperwork. An employer pays you to do a job. Period.

Unless your contract states the home office is supposed to bail you out of jail... hire an army of bodyguards to keep you from running into the stands and beating the snot out of a fan... or keep you from becoming a drag on everyone in the dugout, you're outta luck.

Here's the odd reality: the Dodgers probably DID play a role in the re-make of Milton Bradley.

When they fired him.

Like an alcoholic, Milton Bradley probably needed to hit bottom before he could find the strength to effect a change in his habits. His temper had already made him damaged goods when he landed in Los Angeles, and his firing from the Dodgers put him on notice that his big league career was on it's final legs. Unless he straightened-up.


Believe me, I'm happy at the news out of Oakland. It's good knowing that the name Milton Bradley means playing games is fun again...

Friday, October 13, 2006

Disney Lawyers Shut Down Mickey Mouse Internet Porn Flick

First there was the infamous Carmen Miranda pantyless pix...

Then flash forward to Pammy and Tommy's escapades on the Lake Havasu Love Boat.

Paris Hilton.

Then, the market on celebutard sex videos seemed to hit bottom with the disclosure that Saved By The Bell's "Screech" had his own Dirty Sanchez Sex Vid.

And now, this...

Mickey Mouse -- revealed as a philandering, cuckolded rodent -- has joined the ranks of a celeb with his own... um... sex tape.

The "Disney Orgy" video posted only 24 hours ago on YouTube has been taken down-- most likely by order of Disney lawyers.

Well here it is, via iFilm. Take a peek at the video that the Disney lawyers don't want you to see.

If watching cartoon characters having sex is your thing...

Mouse Swap At After Hours Disney Swing Joint

This clip first came to our attention from the cutting-edge website, Tabloid Baby.

Normally we don't pilfer from our friends, but Hollywoood Thoughts realizes this is something that needs to be shared.

Watch the video shot deep within the bowels of Disneyland Paris, and then continue reading...

What's most startling is the lack of eye-to-eye contact between Goofy and Minnie and Mickey and the snow-MAN (do snow-WOMEN exist?). Does this mean the characters from The Happiest Place on Earth have issues with intimacy?

The tape raises so many questions!

Why is Mickey with a snowman? We're looking for a possible metaphor here (cold heart?).

Captain Hook remains an onlooker. Voyeur... or insecure in the role of "swordsman" because of his physical disability?

Why does Minnie not reciprocate Goofy's furtive attempts at foreplay? Is Mickey put-off by the non-stop schoolgirl giggling?

Is Mickey a contented cuckold?!?

Where the hell's the duck? Probably off in some Tomorrowland S/M dungeon...

Why hasn't TMZ broken this story?

The rote, mechanical lovemaking makes one wonder if there is there no more love between the four-fingered folks in the Magic Kingdom.

Uncle Walt must be spinning in his freezer.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Hollywood Landmark Spared. For Now.

In another sign that the Southern California real estate market has slowed down, Hollywood's Old Spaghetti Factory has been spared from the wrecker's ball.

As previously mentioned in Hollywood Thoughts back in February, the former Sunset boulevard Studebaker showroom was scheduled for demolition sometime after Labor Day to begin making way for a luxe condo project.

Like similar developments in Hollywood -- and Las Vegas -- where dozens of highrise retail/housing ventures have been halted, the Italian eatery will remain in-situ for at least the next eighteen months.

Sources indicated to Hollywood Thoughts that the banker's dollars went soft when other mixed-use projects saw their anchor tenants walking away from falling land values and a slow-moving Hollywood re-development.

One financial constant in all of this? An extra helping of pasta still only costs a single buck.